Peyton was wearing socks during the water activities but started complaining about his feet hurting when he got home after school, according to foster.At first peyton's mom thought they were just cold, but she told cafemom that the next day his feet"Were twice as red, blistered, and very painful. "When she took peyton to the doctor, they noticed the lights in his shoes were no longer working and Led Light Up Shoes Led Light Up Shoes Cheap he was diagnosed with chemical burns along the bottoms of his feet and toes.Foster claims when the shoe's battery got wet it Kids Light Up Shoes released a chemical that caused the burns.A skechers spokesperson confirmed the company was investigating, but had no reason to believe their shoes caused the incident.While the company had yet to receive the foster's shoes, they have been running tests of similar styles. "Ms.Foster said she would send the pair in question, but we have not received them yet.While we have no reason to believe, after selling millions and millions of pairs without incident, that our shoes caused the incident, we are hoping for ms.Fosterí»s cooperation so we can investigate this thoroughly and promptly.In the meantime, we are commissioning tests of similar styles,"The statement said. Buy custom heelys for adults for sale Heelys Shoes For Boy cheap custom heelys for adults authentic shoes with wheels children's shoes flowers girls sandals 2019 new summer students big girls child shoes children's boys hook loop shoes led luminous sneakes size 25-37 Shoe Skates Heelys Heelys 2019 Sneakers Kids Glowing Sneakers Heelys Stores With Wheels Kids Shoes